Welcome to the MILPLAN web site.

This site provides a portal to all MILPLAN related requirements, for information about Solutions from Silicon please go to our web site www.sfs.com.au.


June 21, 2007 - Further Templates

US Army TLP and JOPP templates are now available to registered users from our download page. We are also investigating public availability of NATO GOP.

Apr 19, 2007 - JMAP Template

A loadable Joint Military Appreciation Process (JMAP) template is now available to Australian Defence Force and related personnel on request - just email us here.


MILPLAN is simple, easy to use military planning software designed to assist the military planning team in all aspects of developing a military plan.

The base components of MILPLAN are:

  • the PROCESS component which ensures that the military plan is completed following appropriate, specified military processes,
  • the SCHEDULING component which enables effective resource planning (time and location) for the operation, and
  • the GIS component which allows the planner to incorporate charts, images, unit dispositions and activity diagrams into the integrated planning process.

MILPLAN delivers various outputs to meet the diverse communications requirements of the military planning team, including:

  • courses of action,
  • commander briefs,
  • orders, and
  • schedules